The home of numerous beaches, one of the least touristy towns on the Montenegrin
coast, Bar may be just the place you're looking for.

Despite being Montenegro’s largest port, Bar is amazingly clean and has many developed green areas, with numerous attractions in the vicinity. The old town of Bar, Haj Nehaj Fortress, with the remnants from the 15th century fortress and the palace of King Nikola, represent the town’s historic and cultural monuments. It is directly connected with Italy (Bari) via a shipping line, and Serbia (Belgrade) via the scenic Belgrade-Bar railway.

About Bar

The Bar municipality has a total of 20 beaches stretching over 9 kilometres, which include the sandy, 1.1 km-long Čanj, Kraljičina Plaža (Queen’s Beach) with a natural wall of sedimentary rock, Crvena Plaža (Red Beach), named after the colour of its fine sand, and the part pebble, part sand Bar City Beach, located in front of King Nikola’s palace. The 1.2 km-long beach at Sutomore has entertainment, activities, and restaurants. There are also beaches on the shore of Lake Skadar including the sandy Murići village beach and Pješačac.

Things to do in Bar

For thrill seekers who want a real challenge, Medjurecje offers a full-on canyoning experience, with hiking, swimming, jumping, and sliding through the canyon. Just a half-hour drive from Bar, Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkans, with a fine mix of tranquility, wildlife, birdwatching and winetasting.
Bar’s main cultural attractions include the Old Town, King Nikola’s palace (built in 1885, now the City Museum), the Mount Rumija and Nehaj fortresses, the Bar Aqueduct (16th-17th centuries), and the Old Olive of Mirovica (at over 2,000 years of age, considered to be the oldest tree in Europe and one of the oldest in the world).

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